Dive Day #10

Up for breakfast at 7 and diving at 8. Doing two dives this morning on Baturinggit.

I think that this is my favorite dive site in Bali so far.

Today I will be using the dive resorts BCD as my inflation hose seems to be stuck on inflate.

Dive #32

A fair bit of current on this site today but it was still an excellent dive.

We saw lots of things to take pictures of, including a very pretty and some lovely slugs. Also, some very nicely positioned tiger shrimps.

We have an amazing guide in Gede!

The surface interval was spent chatting with Darryl and Dianne, and Carole and Leon. We are very lucky to spend a holiday with such lovely people.

Dive #33

More of the same, trying to take some more pictures of the yellow seahorse but failed.

Back to the tiger shrimps to try out some different lighting techniques. Towards the end of the dive I was taking some pictures of a feather star shrimp. Fingers crossed that the pictures are okay.

Jacket working well. Fine in the water, only a bit hard on my back as I was getting out of the water.

Back at the resort, we went for a dip in the pool, whilst drinking iced tea and eating watermelon.

After a lunch of steak sandwich for me and fish and chips for Richard, there was time for a quick snooze before the third dive of the day.

Dive #34

Back to Liberty wreck slope with Carole.

A really good dive where all the nudity pranks (so much for talking to your phone! should be nudibranch! Ha ha!) seemed to be facing in the right direction skip. We also took time to take pictures of yellow and blue ribbon heels. For the first time ever I saw a popcorn shrimp with eggs.

A quick dip in the pool with our iced tea and watermelon, then a work break for Richard and blogging time before the next dive.

Dive #35

Night dive on the Liberty Slope. Excellent!

A quick tea of fish and chips for me and seafood spaghetti for Richard, then back to the room to get pictures off the camera.