Dive Day #11

After a quick squint at the news where it is confirmed that the planet remains on course for total lockdown and panic buying ensures that there are no essentials available for those that really need them we turn our attentions to our immediate needs and decide to go and prep the cameras before breakfast. On our way to the camera room a quick glance at Mt. Agung confirms that we are not about to be consumed by molten lava flows or buried in volcanic ash, some good news at least!

Mt. Agung, when less dormant

After breakfast (where those who are first to order are always last to get served) we head out for the diving. The first site is called Bulaken which is a sandy slope known for the Shaun the Sheep slugs. We find several!

Above water there are two temples and a great view of Mt. Agung.

Mt. Agung

For the second dive we travel along the road a few minutes to get to Agung Resort.

Agung Resort

The water was super clear on this dive, lots to see including many nudis as well as a couple of Octopus. There was a thermocline fish as well, how cool was that? About 4 degrees cooler than I was used to!

Back at base at are invited to partake of some babbagouling (local pig based dish) and I very carefully check whether this is for lunch or dinner. Dinner is the answer.

So we order some lunch and are then told that we are expecting the pork to arrive for lunch. It seems that dinner means different things depending on where you come from!

Regardless, over an hour later it still hasn’t arrived so everyone else orders lunch. It’ll probably turn up in the next 5 minutes!

The afternoon dive is on Liberty Slope. No current fish and no thermocline fish! Some great hairy shrimp action as well as lots of nudis, shrimp, Tiger shrimp and really excellent visibility.

Following a dip in the pool we head back to the room for snacks!

These are anything but mild!

18:00 arrives and so does the babba gouling! We head down to the restaurant where packets of pork, rice and Sambal are distributed. We got to eat our take away in the restaurant which was handy. It’s basically freshly roasted piglet.

Babba Gouling

Not long after dinner I was ready to pass out (we are doing a lot of diving) so shortly after seven in the PM, we retired, shortly after that, I did indeed pass out!

Fully justified as we have an early motioning dive on the wreck, up at 05:00 etc.