Dive Day #12

Another early morning dive on the USS Liberty. In the water as the sun was coming up.

Dive #39

Lots of bumphead wrasse. Ten just as we got on to the wreck of various sizes. On the bow of the boat another nine huge bumpheads came out of the hold and swam right passed us. Amazing!

Issues with the camera, as I had my strobes on full rather than manual and all the pictures were black. Hmmm… Mental note made…

Some very cold bits as the up current came in and some very warm bits as the current went down.

They have the strangest currents here. Very changeable in the matter of minutes.

The up currents can drop the temperature but up to five degrees. The down currents can be like a warm bath. Who would have thought that I would spend my dive hoping for a down current!

Back to the resort for American breakfast then back out for two dives at Baturinggit.

Just a bimble about. Currents came (usually when I was trying to take a photo) and went (when I wasn’t).

Dive #40
Lots of photo opportunities, including a yellow sea horse and a variety of other critters.

A hours surface interval under the trees, then back in.

Dive #41

Another bimble, but as there were a few more divers in the water we headed further to to the right than we have done before.

We saw a candy crab in soft coral, pretty slugs, banded snake eel out hunting. Also a sexy shrimp on beautiful red mushroom coral.

Lunch was fish and chips for me and Sicilian pasta (a portion and a half), with lots of garlic!

Had a nap before the afternoon dive.

Dive #42

Liberty slope joined by Carole.

Such an excellent slope.

My mission. I was to have a guy at videoing. Richard had got me some video lights for my birthday.

The best video I took was of a beautiful risbecia acting very strangely. I was very pleased with the results.

I also took photos using the snoot of different nudis and shrimps. Sexy shrimp on a very pretty anemone.

Another special meal for tea. Darryl had arranged for Mahi mahi (dolphin fish). Delicious and perfectly cooked.