Dive Day #13

Whilst we wake to another day in paradise, the world appears to remain on track for total shutdown. My brother arrived in France at the when for a week’s skiing, only to be told on Saturday night that he had to go back home on Sunday.

Our flights are still scheduled and we should be able to check in tonight. Let’s see how that turns out.

Cameras are all prepped and we’re waiting for breakfast.

View from our breakfast table

We finally get our order in and processed before all other breakfast orders are taken. It sounds a bit trivial but we were generally first to order and last to get served, so when we want to get away promptly for a dive it often meant that whatever we had eaten for breakfast stayed with us throughout the entire dive.

Let’s see if the situation improves today!

We travel across to Melasti for two dives. When we arrive there was a bit of a current flowing but we get in, then we all agree to give it a while longer.

A while later we try again, this time we get as little further before accepting that the current was still too much. We give it another half hour or so, third time lucky!

The current was fine and we get our dive done.

During the surface interval we have lolies and hot ginger tea.

Made, Gede, Jo, Richard, Darryl, Diane, Leon and Carole
Gede, Jo and Richard
Leon, Carole, Darryl, Diane, Gede, Jo and Richard

On the second dive we mostly current free though that thermocline fish crept up on me at one point Brrrrrhhhhhh!

We see some nice nudis as well as other stuff.

Back to base for lunch where we are presented with some snake fruit.

Snake fruit

.. Which oddly taste a lot like Apple!

We also get another batch of mangosteen and Rambutan, yum

For the afternoon dive we head back to Liberty Slope where more nudis present themselves as well as various Shrimps, blue and yellow ribbon eels and a black tip reef shark, which was nice.

We return to base and after iced tea and water melon we go for a dip in our ‘private’ pool before returning to our room for snacks and logging etc. Jo is giving the snake fruit some serious attention!

Cassava Chips

For dinner we had sir fried vegitables with chicken and beef Rendang. It rained a bit during dinner, a bit like the rain on ‘Monsoon Wedding’, I’m not sure I have ever seen quite so much rain!