Dive Day #14

So, it’s our last diving day. ☚ī¸â˜šī¸

We have had a wonderful holiday. 😍😍

Three dives today. We have arranged to go a little later to try to avoid the strong currents. Basically, 9.00 instead of 8.00.

BTW, it is super sunny and super hot! Nice!

So camera prep, then on to breakfast…

We have tried to ignore what’s going on in the world, but the Coronavirus has made us a little concerned. Two weeks ago the world was pretty much running as expected and now it looks like it is all going to ratshit!

We checked on to our flights, last night. Also we have regularly been checking the Singapore news page, just in case all flights to the UK are suspended, as in a number of European countries. All okay, so far.

We have decided to self isolate for two weeks when we get back, as it is best to be on the safe side. Our Aussie friends have been told to self isolate, or face prison!

Anyway, we went diving. Nice!

The fishing boats here are all beautifully decorated.

Mahi mahi. what we had for dinner a couple of days ago.
Black marlin

Dive #47

Sidem. Nice!

All sorts of critters, including a couple of boxer crabs.

Current fish was ok.

Richard and Darryl (posing as nudibranch with my help)

We moved to another dive site during our surface interval as Carole had her grumpy face on.


In fact, we were very happy to move. We went to Big Tree. I think the guides were happy to move as they have the best food in a stall there. Gede got us some Indonesian salad. Wow, super spicy! Very good indeed. Ate it before we took a picture, so I took a picture of Gede’s second helping…

Indonesian salad and noodles
Ginger tea
Setting the ambiance…
Darryl and Dianne
Our kit heading off down the beach to the entry point

Dive #48

We got wet! We saw stuff! We took pictures!

After lunch, at about 3pm, we went diving again, the last one of the holiday.

Dive #49

Liberty wreck slope.

Lovely last dive. Huge thermocline though. You can tell as you need to equalise. It was so strong, it turned Richard around 180 degrees, whilst he was trying to take a photo! This was shortly followed by a strong down current. Nethertheless, still a good dive!

In the evening, we went out to Chops and Hops with Darryl and Dianne, their guide, Made, and our guide, Gede.

Chops and Hops

I had a burger…


Needed a flip top head!