Dive Day #5

Another early one today as we head out to dive the USS Liberty once more.

For anyone who missed the earlier post, this is the wreck right next to the resort. It’s very shallow, only about 24m on the deepest part and not much more than 10m around the upper sections. Some superstructure almost breaks the surface.

In the water before sunrise. Pitch black night dive conditions.

Within moments Jo is chasing a small octopus around.

The wreck was very quiet, all the time we were on it we didn’t see another diver.

I enjoyed playing with the wide-angle lens and Gede was looking after Jo who is in permanent super macro mode, showing her the slugs.

At the end of the dive, when we left the wreck, we saw one bumphead wrasse then two then five. All up close.

Back on dry land and sorting cameras less than ten minutes after surfacing. Iced tea and water melon then breakfast. Buffet today with rice, noodles, eggs and bacon, super yum.

During conversions with our guide we learn that the ‘wine’ he gave us yesterday was 25% alcohol, that explains a lot!

We now have a 40 minute break before the next dives. These will be two back to back at some as yet undisclosed location!

…and the location is…. Big Tree, so called because there is a big tree on the beach.

Swim down to a ridge where there is a lot of nudi action going on. All smaller types. Lots to see, a small white painted frog fish turns up too.

After our surface interval we return to the same site for more of the same. On the way down we play with a peacock mantis shrimp.

At one point, a dozen small squid put on a bit of a display.

The water felt a little warmer today though the computers still recorded 29 degrees.

Some mechanical intervention is required on Jo’s dioptre holder. It seems quite easily jammed by getting a little sand or grit in the wrong place so it’s Allen keys out and take the thing apart. Before long there are parts, springs and ball bearings everywhere. We get the thing back together and it all works, phew! Another diver here has had the exact same issue, a design feature (fault)?

Off for a light lunch, a local dish called , Toasted Sandwich, salad and fries.

Then it’s camera prep and general R&R before the next dive during which time I finish off the Rambutan, don’t want scurvy!

For the last dive of the day we head back to Liberty Slope to see what we can see. I gear up with the snoot which I forgot earlier 😭 and plan to spend most of the dive with the strobes off, which I succeed in doing. Nice candy crab, loads of nudis and towards the end of the dive, blue sea squirts on the USS Liberty wreck.

Back at the resort we sort cameras for a bit and then slip into our ‘private’ pool for a Bob about before going back to the room to dry off.

We sample more of the local brew which is lurking in the fridge pretending to be bottled water. I’m now convinced it tastes more like whisky than anything else, oh dear,!

There has been a group here from Taiwan and today they offered is some ‘taiwan tea’ which was interesting, quite yellow in colour and tasting very vaguely of tea. We accepted their offer and finished it off!

Dinner is prawn crackers followed by pork on y sweet sauce with extra chilli and Sambal, so excited was I that I failed to take a picture of the main course, which is a Shame as the pile of freshly sliced chili’s looked quite impressive!

Prawn Crackers

We were joined for dinner by ex-pats Carole and Leon who now live in Sydney, fellow muck diving enthusiasts they have been here several times and like us, enjoy the challenge of finding out what really is hiding in what looks like a barren wasteland!