Dive day #6

Not to an early one this morning. Breakfast at 7.00 after having coffee and ginger biscuits at about 6.00. Buffet breakfast today so there was a good choice and specially cooked scrambled eggs for me.

We met for diving at a 8.00 and we went in the truck to Baturinggit, where we did two Dives.

The locals had been fishing.

Huge fish
Gede getting ready

Dive #16

Lovely dive.

Spent quite a long time at depth of about 22m on the pile of tyres.

Had a situation with a turtle.

The turtle was on the tyres when we got there. He wasn’t particularly worried about us but move slightly to one side when we got there. I took some pictures of a nudi then I spotted some Durban dancing shrimps, which are very colourful, bright red with white lines and spots. I settled down to take some pictures. After a while, I noticed that the turtle had snuck in underneath me in the 12inch gap, and was making himself at home. So, rather than disturb it, I decided to carry on with what I was doing. Some minutes later,after taking the photos, I looked down, the turtle had moved slightly, had opened its mouth and was about to take a bite of my fingers. Knowing what turtles can do to coral, my fingers would not have stood a chance!

We saw a beautiful pink nudi, I think of Cinderella nudi, found by Richard. Got some nice pictures.

Very nicely positioned nudies!

Our surface interval

During the surface interval we chatted with Carole and Leon, and a young lady “from China without coronavirus” about cameras.

Richard is the odd one out

Dive #17

In the water and to the right. This site has a gentle slope and slight mound areas that are covered in critters.

We saw a very tiny red frog fish and then we saw an even smaller tiger shrimp. Lots of things to see. Then we saw two different types of Shaun the sheep slug on a green leaf.

When we got out, the was a delivery of bamboo. No health and safety here to worry about.

Bamboo delivery

Lovely lunch of steak sandwich and chips, followed by another dive.

At 3.00 we went for another dive.

Dive #18

This is the same dive site as Big Tree but we entered the water from a different access route.

This time there was no current, which made the taking of pictures so much better as the  subjects were not waving around like a fart in a thunderstorm.

Big slug. Sexy shrimp. Tiny red frogfish. Skeleton shrimp.

Back to the resort to be greeted by our friends, Darryl and Dianne, just arrived from Adelaide, Australia. So lovely to see them.

Then on to all the usual stuff.

Dip in the pool.

Pictures off camera.


Dive logging.

Then onto a fun evening with Darryl, Dianne, Carole and Leon. I did take a picture but must have deleted it by mistake. ☹️

Richard went overboard on the sambal and couldn’t stop hiccoughing, which was a good thing as it was the only thing keeping him awake.

I helped cure the hiccoughing using Sarah Ash’s tried and tested cure. Richard then promptly fell asleep. I woke him up and escorted him to the room.

He is asleep and this is what I am doing…

So that was our day. We are up early tomorrow to dive the USS Liberty as the sun comes up.

Happy days!