Dive Day #7

An early start for another dive on the wreck at 06.00 and what a spectacular dive it was. Pitch black when we went in, straight on to the wreck with no other divers in sight. A good morning for a wide angle session taking nothing other than the same old pictures I always take, lovely!

As daylight occurred I could introduce some blue backgrounds from the surface and so things progressed. Jo was in super macro mode so we spent the first 40 minutes more or less in the same spot before spending the next 30 minutes moving around the rest of the wreck then making our way to the shallower areas to see the Bump Heads (Napoleon Wrasse) in about 5m.

A fantastic dive, just the thing to work up that appetite for breakfast.

Mia Goreng, Nasi Goreng and some Dragon fruit for breakfast then back out for a couple of dives at Sidem.

Dragon Fruit

On the first dive we found the ladybugs at 31m as promised.

On the second dive we found loads of nudis and flat worms and at the end of the dive we found the boxer crabs (first time I’ve seen them).

Kitting Up
Beach at Sidem

Between dives we get ginger tea from the locals and ‘lolies’ from Adelaide.

Lollies from Adelaide

Back on dry land for lunch, when I say dry, it is raining a little right now.

If it rains any more I can log it!

Darrell’s brother in law and wife have just arrived along with their friends who are staying for a few days.

Rain starting to ease off, no, really it is!
Team Adelaide

Diving again at three, I hope the rain stops, don’t want to get wet.


This afternoon’s dive was on Liberty Slope, an excellent muck dive site on which today we saw skeleton shrimp, Tiger shrimp, loads of nudis, blue spotted rays and other stuff.

Much snooting was going on, looking forward to seeing how that all turns out.

Back at base the rain starts again in Monsoon Wedding style. We enjoy iced tea and watermelon in the main pool which is toasty warm compared to the rain. Unbelievably, now we are back to our room and changed it looks like it’s easing off a little, then again, perhaps not, The Tropics eh?!?

.. And that’s how it started

Dinner was lovely, prawn crackers followed by the chicken curry.

When signing for dinner, the three young ladies at the counter took it I upon themselves to tell me that I was handsome and that I had a very beautiful wife. Quite right I told them!