Dive Day #8

Slept well. WhatsApping with my dad when I got up. I was just getting up and he was just going to bed.

Quick camera stuff then on to breakfast.

With breakfast all done we headed to Melasti for a couple of dives.

On the back of the truck. Richard, Carole, Gede and Leon.

Dive #25

A bit bumpy on entry and exit.

Another muck dive, as nearly all of the diving is here. We saw lots of nudis and lots of pictures were taken.

Surface interval and Darryl gets spoken to by the police!

Badge negotiations
Gede working hard
Hot ginger tea for refreshments

Dive #26

Went in a bit to the left after walking along the beach. Getting kitted up in the water and Richard had lost his mask. I gave him my mask to find his and he was in the waves searching when Gede found it dropped on the beach. So all good.

Excellent dive.

We saw lots of things including blue and yellow Shaun the sheep slugs and lady bugs.

Richard got a lovely picture of the Shaun the sheep nudi once I pointed out that he was taking a picture of the back end. Make him chuckle! Reminded him of the turn it around joke.

Back for lunch.

So this afternoon it was just us and Dianne. Back on the Liberty Slope.

Dive #27

Once again a very excellent dive. We spent time looking at hairy shrimps and lots of other creatures.

Both entry and exit were a little bumpy, so we decided to give the night dive a miss. We decided that we will do the USS Liberty for the early morning time.

Back at the resort, we had a quick dip in our private pool. Then, after a little bit of work stuff we headed out to the shop.

View from our room. Geoff and Sue opposite and Darryl and Dianne to the left.

Only went out for a packet of crisps…

Wonder how long this will last…

A quick dinner for ten (us, Carole and Leon, Darryl and Dianne, Geoff and Sue, Albert and Rebecca) where the gin came out again. Richard had a beer and I had a small gin and lemonade.

Gin o’clock

Got some good pictures today.

Early night.

Alarm set for 4:50!!!