Dive Day #9

A most excellent early morning dive on the USS Liberty.

Gede pulled out a Happy Birthday sign during the dive, a nice surprise for Jo. Got close ups with a Bump Head and a small shoal of sweetlips, very few other divers, a really nice dive. Back to base for breakfast, diving again at nine.

A note to anyone considering the same dive: if your wet suit boots don’t have thick and rigid soles then we strongly suggest you get some. Most of the beaches are covered on large stones at and below the waters edge. Thicker soles would help immensely.

Upon our return to base, the assembled team at breakfast all sing Happy Birthday to Jo as our truck pulls in.

Birthday Treats

After breakfast we head out for a couple of dives at Seraya, nudis, harlequin shrimps and other stuff, all great.

We were diving next to the Seraya Resort which looked none too busy.

Salt, pepper, chili squid for lunch, the birthday girl had a steak sandwich, so excited was I about the prospect of lunch I forgot to take pictures, yum!

Fresh fruit

Mangosteen and Rambutan courtesy of our guide Gede, very local and very lovely.

In other news mount Agung has been venting steam/gas today. Perhaps we’ll be evacuated?

The afternoon dive is at melasti, all was going well until we get in to the water where we find that Jo’s inflator is stuck on. Despite all attempts to remedy the situation, it remains on. I suggest we swap BCD’s and I’ll use it without the inflator connected. This is what we do and technically it all goes well. Jo’s jacket is a cosy fit on me but my jacket is not quite so snug on Jo. A ‘loose’ fit is being kind! Thus the dive was not quite as relaxing as it perhaps might have otherwise been ☹️

We return to base and have the usual water melon and iced tea in the pool then we learn that transport has been arranged to take us all out tonight.

We enjoy a mahoosive steak and curry at ‘chops and hops’ followed by a surprise birthday cake for Jo, yum.

… And a birthday balloon too!
Sir Darral in at far end

Thank you Carole for organising the cake. We get back to base and it’s firework time courtesy of Darral.

Preparations are made by the pool, Darrell’s team of skilled operatives prepare the various ordinance.

Poolside prep

Then it’s off with a bang!

Oooh, aawwww!