The journey home

No diving today ☚ī¸ so a leisurely breakfast was enjoyed where we learnt that our friends return flights to Australia via JetStar had been cancelled, they needed to change to earlier flights as all future international flights to Australia from Bali have been cancelled.

After breakfast Jo spends some time showing Gede some of our pictures then we set about shoehorning our camera gear into the box for the journey home.

After that we start the rest of the packing and before long, most of it is done. Time for the first big weigh-in. 20.3 and 25.5 which leaves 14.2 for the last bag, it could be a close one!

Last bag weighed, oops, over, redistribute and use up that spare 2kg in Jo’s carry on! I suppose I could always put my long trousers and sweatshirt on instead of stashing it in my bag, could cause a bead or two of perspiration 😰😓

Bebas Gula

It’s a monster hot day and the idea of taking a 100m stroll down to the shop for travel snacks had become strangely unattractive. Thankfully the thought that the same things might cost ten times as much at the airport is incentive enough!

Update, the mid day sun dash to the Indomarket was completed with no significant loss of composure, phew!

Four compressors and continuous flow nitrox blending kept things flowing underwater.
All ready for the Corona challenge!

We have a nice lunch then spend sometime time chatting with our various friends from Australia until the transfer pickup.

The journey to the airport seemed endless, I must have slept through most of it on the way out. We are in a 12 seater minibus and our driver seems intent on overtaking anything in front regardless of the lack of road space, blind bends and the scooters that are everywhere!

Almost three hours later we arrive at Denpasar airport, clear security, check in and make our way through the masses of duty free shops ( all very posh here) to our departure gate where its not too long before we commence boarding. An uneventful flight (the best kind) and we arrive in Singapore. We have to travel all of two gates along the way to the connecting flight so for now we are resting in relatively comfy chairs.

Easy chairs!

We are about to board and there are only about 50 people here. Soda law says they’re all going to be sitting next to me!